My First School

schoolIt was about 30+ years ago that I did my elementary schooling here at Holy Family LP school. I lived pretty close to the school and it made perfect sense to choose this school. Just like most other folks in the school, I was also fortunate enough to go home and eat lunch and come back in time for the afternoon classes. To me, this was like a huge campus. Big grounds. Big roads..Absolutely no traffics. Felt like a huge procession of students, in the mornings, afternoon and evenings, to & from the school.

Well I was in the elementary school and this was the only schools I ‘ve ever known. They only had up to the 7th grade over there. We will have to find other schools when they are worthy of higher grades. I had a great time over there. Good friends, great teachers and I am happy the way I kicked off my learning.

Now, after 30+ years, I went back to the school to see the changes, prepared to be surprised by the changes. With many other places and stories I read, I was expecting new roads, buildings etc. But…

The school still looks the same.  Un-tarred roads. Play grounds look the same… The buildings haven’t changed much either in the last quarter century. Felt like, this school might have been living under a rock.   The traffic has changed a bit though. Lot more vehicles pass through this country/narrow road to the Church.

Wonder why this school is ignored?  Why don’t we pay attention to our schools after we leave?  We don’t need the school any more since there are many great private schools in the area? Is this how other schools in Kerala as well?


Folks, where ever you are, take a break from your busy life. Visit your old schools. See how they are doing. Share your thoughts, if you could.


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