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If you have a story and you would like to publish it, please  create an account and post it directly. Any thing related to parampuzha can be posted. If this is not related to parampuzha, it is still okay to publish, if you lived in parampuzha or have a relative or friend, who has connections to parampuzha.

About this site

This is the story of a small village called Parampuzha and its neighboring places. This is an attempt to gather all the important information about parampuzha and its sorrounding neighbor hoods. Our attempt is to provide you the most acurate information about Parampuzha village.


If you think, any of the information here is misleading or incorrect, please let us know. If  you want to contribute to this process as an Author please lets us know and we will try to find a way out.

Ask your parents or grandparents about the history of parampuzha.  Look around for any old pictures. Lets upload and preserve it for our grand children.


In addition to the main pages  and stories, we have setup a forum to share your parampuzhiyan experience. Please select the DISCUSSIONS option to access the forum. All the people who lived in Parampuzha or its neghboring villages are encouraged to share their experiences. Even if you lived/studied there for a very short period of time.

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