Parampuzha is a village in Kottayam district. Meenachil river runs through parampuzha and no wonder most of the population here tried their hands on agriculture. But guess what. This is not your dad’s farm land.

People love to experiment and it is more dynamic than you would typically expect. If the price of latex goes down, they can replace all rubber plants in no time with some thing more profitable.

The main attractions in parampuzha are the following:-

Meenachil River

2975269450085059626hjxjis_phThe Meenachil river flows through parampuzha . The river itself is 78 kms long flows thorugh the kottayam district and end s in Vembanadu Lake.

The river is formed by several streams originating from the “Sahyan” (Western Ghats). The general elevation ranges from 77 m to 1156 m in the highlands and less than 2 m in the lowlands  and 8 to 68 m in the midlands. The Meenachil has a watershed area of 1208.11 km². The river has a total annual yield of 2349 million cubic metre and an annual utilizable yield of 1110 million cubic metre.

Without Meenachil, parampuzha would be have been just “para”. !

Parampuzha Church

parampuzha palliThe Church was built in 1913 and is probably located at the highest point in the village. As I remember, the church had the only lightning arrester in the area.  The annual feast (Perunnal) of the church is typically celebrated during the second week end in January.

Do you know that, there are 5 masses on sundays? Thanks to

Vicar         : Rev. Fr. Philip Vaikathukaranveettil
Assistant Vicar : Rev. Fr. John Pathalil

Peroor  Kavu Temple

bhadrakali-temple_peroorPeroor Kavu temple is a famous bhadrakali temple.The temple festival is during April.  It lasts for 7 days. Music concerts, Dramas, Dance programs and other traditional art forms will be held.  On the occassion of Ettumanoor arattu, shri Ettumanoorappan is going to see his daughter Bhadra Kali of Peroorkavu Bhagavathi Kshethram. At the time of visit, Ettumanoorappan will give money (“panakkizhi”)  for meeting the expenses of poojas of devi temple and goes for holy bath in Meenachil river.

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